Kids will enjoy smart toys paired with mobile games that have physically interactive challenges. Former remote control toys are now infinitely expansive robotic game consoles. Have more fun! Get your Juuk powered toy today!

We developed computer vision and artificial intelligence into toys to locate, track, and decide how to interact with the player.

Our software:

Computer Vision

  • Track Human Movement

  • Track Objects

  • Real-time

Robotic Control

  • Autonomous

Custom Game Development

  • Innovative Interactive Experiences

Compatible with Android and iOS

After over four years experience manufacturing in China, we have cracked the code on manufacturing at scale. We have factory partners from small to large scale and back-up factories for unexpected situations. We have a suite of products planned for 2020 and beyond.

We spent four years bootstrapping to develop this technology in Shenzhen, China. Juuk is a Hax accelerator funded start-up company.

Juuk is also a Capital Factory Accelerator company - Austin, TX.