Our Story

Four years ago, our team set out to bring virtual games to life. From working with drones and robots, to augmented reality AI zombies, we slowly built towards the ultimate gaming experience. We realized that augmented reality was the best way to find the perfect harmony between virtual gaming and real-life movement. After all, we wanted to get people moving when playing games, instead of sitting in front of a screen stationary.

However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t challenges along the way. Our team had to build towards perfection, and, in fact, we are still working hard on achieving it! We started small with Stephen and Vanessa in China. They worked closely together to perfect the logistics side of manufacturing and the software side of the gaming technology. It takes time and effort to know how to navigate the logistics of a high tech toy company, just as it does with building iterations of our AR games. Stephen’s background in electrical engineering, business, and gaming drove the vision of the company. Vanessa’s expertise in handling logistics, manufacturing, and design ensured that their products were viable. Needless to say, our team wouldn’t be where it is today without them.

Now you can find us working hard in the Capital Factory in Austin, Texas, where we have picked up some help along the way. Our number one priority is to spread joy without being alone, and being at Capital Factory is helping us reach that goal faster than ever. You’ll never play alone when you use Juuk. The future is fun!