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We built our first laser tag robot, Jukibot, to play laser tag with you in real life. The laser tag blasters come in multiple colors, so you can easily team up or be on you own team.

Jukibot, unlike traditional robot toy, has built-in laser tag sensors. The Jukibot app keeps track of Jukibot’s life. Jukibot can fire up to 20 ft - so watch out!

The most exciting way to use Jukibot is to make Juki the flag in Capture The Flag. Unlike a stationary flag, when Jukibot is in battle mode, it will guard the base automatically and blast enemies that are trying to get the flag.

Example game play: Have one Jukibot guarding one room in the house, and another Jukibot guarding another room in the house. Teams of humans try to take out the other team’s Jukibot to win the game! You can also take control of Jukibot and blast players with the mobile app.

We have three game modes now:

  1. Count down: The humans get on different teams, blast Jukibot and each other to see which player can get the highest score in the limited time.

  2. Battle!: Jukibot moves and shoots all on its own. Choose your team and battle with or against Jukibot!

  3. Droid control: Drive around Jukibot with our App, and fight your friends! You can also be creative, maybe walk your dog!

We have many more games being built right now, sign-up to get early bird benefits!

AR zBearland shootout (Beta)

AR game zbearland family.gif

Our newest product features immersive game play using the combination of a Bluetooth blaster and new augmented reality technology. Spawn zombies and watch as they chase you down. Be sure to blast them before they reach you, or else you will lose your HP!

This AR game can scan the environment and learn where to place the zombies when spawning them. This allows you to scan a large environment and have a huge play zone.

Stay tuned as more exciting news emerges regarding our AR technology, and be ready for some new releases coming this holiday season!