What's Juuk's core technology?


Computer vision turns a camera into a sensor by analyzing images and videos through pixels. We extract information like movement, human faces, objects, etc. through the use of our computer vision software.

It is now widely used in the surveillance industry to detect human figures and give people time to react. Companies like Athena Security use this software to detect weapon shape such as guns. This ensures that the security team can react faster and potentially stop mass shootings.

With the development of inexpensive camera sensors, the toy industry can adopt this technology as well. Toys have been associated as “deposable”, “stupid” and to “come and go fast”. Before the development of more cost effective sensors, industries worried that these “smart” sensors would be too expensive. Likely it would take many engineers to constantly update the software even after the purchase is complete.

We want to change that.

We don’t want toys to be disposable, we don't want our money to be disposable. We want our product to last, to have the capability to do the unimaginable. We want our product to become an emotional attachment of sorts, a companion to children. We want toys like “Furbies” to do way more than repeating what was programmed before it was made.

With the computer vision powered camera, our robot will always be able to see the movement of the players, and avoid the obstacles. Just seeing the object isn’t enough.

We run our computer vision program on the phone and communicate the device with WIFI. Therefore, we have to be smart with our algorithm and make the commutation smooth, in other words, without noticeable lagging. Again, thanks to the development of technology, now almost everyone has a "smart" phone. This makes it easily accessible and understandable for children and adults to enjoy our product, anywhere!

Juuk’s software stack illustration, artwork by freepik.

Juuk’s software stack illustration, artwork by freepik.