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Augmented reality games have never been this easy and fun

AR games have been a trend for a while now.  Though some AR games (e.g. Pokemon Go) have become popular, graphics based and immersive AR struggle to bring a solution that is fun and easy to set up (and lightweight). Headsets are too expensive for most people, so the core audience has been tech enthusiasts.

We want to make a change. We want to introduce the fun experience to more people without breaking the bank. By leveraging the phone and low cost semi-immersive hardware, we are able to create compelling graphic based AR games at a very low cost.

Imagine! You can play with a real life moving object (Jukibot The laser tag robot we built last year), it is the boss that we can see in real life! You can see the object through our phone App easily(mounting your phone on our laser tag AR toy blaster). Now imagine our robot is generating cute graphic zombies on your phone that appear like they are coming from our real-life robot. This is a real-life immersion experience!

Take a peek at the games we're building. 

With our App you can identify the location of Jukibot through the camera. The laser tag blaster location is accurate in the game map as well. You are fighting zombies in your house using our toy blaster that has the phone on top of it. 

We can’t wait to release this game and share it with you! 

AR game development demo

AR game development demo