what is Juuk?

Juuk builds robots with computer vision and other technologies. We are making more AI powered games and expanding the platform for the robot. Our games are designed to get kids up and moving in real life. You can think of Juuk robot as Nintendo Wii that moves.

I can’t turn on the Jukibot (lights don’t blink on, etc.):

You need to press and hold down the power button until you hear the “bling bling” sound, and the blue LED lights on the front start blinking (hold down the power button for about two seconds). The power button is located on the top of Jukibot in the middle of the blue piece on top of Jukibot.

I can’t charge my jukibot— the charging port isn’t working. 

We test all the charging ports before we ship the Jukibot. It’s OK if the port seems to be blocked a bit by the hole of the blue plastic piece, try to push in gently until the blue indicator LED light turns on. (We changed the charging LED indicator from red to blue so that it matches Jukibot better). The charging light will turn off when fully charged.

Jukibot doesn’t move; Jukibot stops moving.

Make sure you connect to jukibot to WIFI;

Jukibot can play with you around 20 minutes. If it starts going slow, or with glittering/frozen video stream on your phone, you might need to charge your Jukibot. 

The black infrared receiver sticks out, and is not aligned well. This is the black piece in the left front window of the top blue piece. 

The infrared receiver has a wide range for receiving the shooting data, and it needs to stick out a bit. Do not be alarmed if it does not line up perfectly in the window or sticks out a bit.

My video stream seems to be slow and laggy. 

Jukibot can play with you around 20 minutes. If it starts going slow, or with glittering/frozen video stream on your phone, you might need to charge your Jukibot. 

My video stream seems to lose connection or my jukibot  seems to be running slow. 

The wifi connection distance is about 10-25 ft. If Jukibot is in another room or blocked by a concrete wall, the connection won’t be as good. 

It works the best in an open space. You will also get the best experience without things that can stop Jukibot from moving around. 

Jukibot’s wheels aren’t aligned evenly. 

Jukibot’s wheels are made from very flexible plastic, it’s totally OK if the wheels aren’t aligned evenly. As a matter of fact, you can pull it out and stretch the wheels outwards, and it will still work flawlessly. 

Jukibot’s tail isn’t always the same length. 

Jukibot has a jump mechanism that pulls and pushes the spring and tail, which makes it possible for Jukibot to jump. The motor doesn’t always generate the same amount force, because we want to make Jukibot have a balanced body. So yes, it’s perfectly OK if the tail length isn’t always the same length. 

What is Jukibot’s camera angle? Camera specs? What about video quality? 

The Jukibot features a 120° wide angle view, with 1280*720p video quality and 20 frames per second.

The rubber piece falls off

These are two spare parts, so don’t be afraid to push it in firmly. 

What USB adapter should I use? 

Jukibot has it’s own power management chip so any regular USB phone charger would work.  

There is a white cable/whisker that sticks out. 

That’s the Wifi camera antenna, you can push it back into the Jukibot. 

The blue LED is blinking inside of  Jukibot 

If it’s blinking, it’s shows WIFI connection is working properly. 

If it does not blink, it means the WIFI isn’t connected to your phone. 

The two front LED lights are blinking? 

Jukibot has a gyro, if you pick it up or place it on a uneven surface, the blinking two big blue LED will Blink until Jukibot is still. 

If WIFI isn’t connected, the two big blue LED will keep blinking as well. 

How fast can Jukigot go? 

Jukibot can reach a top speed of 5mph.