Announcing the zBearland Open Beta

open beta starts nov. 1— sign-up below to get access


When Can You Start?

The beta opens up to public on November 1st and runs for only a limited time. So if you’re a lucky one that found your way here, make sure to take advantage of it and sign-up while you can! Tell your friends too, and get the whole squad in on the augmented reality zombie shooter.

Can you play the zBearland game without the blaster and robot?

Yes! You can! Our game is free on iOS & Android store. But it will be much more immersive and fun if you have one. Just like you can play PS4 or Xbox games on a computer, but it’s much more fun if you have PS4 or Xbox.

Who is this for?

Whether you’re a gamer looking to explore the newest tech in computer vision and augmented reality, or a casual gamer that just likes to play fun mobile games, this is for you! A complete list of acceptable players can be found below:

  • Gamers

  • Children/Grandchildren

  • Parents/Grandparents

  • Students

  • Office Show-offs

  • Your Adorable Puppy

  • AR Nerds (Like us here at Juuk)

  • Literally ANYBODY

What Games Can You Play?

This open beta features our newest AR game—zBearland. We are working day and night to perfect this game, and we want your feedback on this. The optimal gaming experience with zBearland includes our AR Midnight Blaster, so make sure you pick that item up at our shop! However, no extra equipment is absolutely required to play this game. The AR Blaster just takes this game to an 11/10.

A Quick Preview of zBearland

zBearland is a zombie survival game that maps your environment and spawns zombies that chase you down. With the use of computer vision (more info here), our software can map your surroundings to find the optimal places to spawn cute zombies. These zombies have laser focus and will start walking towards you, but make sure to shoot them before they reach you to avoid losing health. Once your health reaches zero, the game ends and your high score will be recorded. Don’t be afraid to move around, the zombies never tire.

To achieve full immersion, we recommend buying the AR Midnight Blaster in our shop. This controller features a dual joysticks, ABXY button layout, a trigger mechanism, pump reload nun-chuck, rechargeable batteries, and vibration capabilities. The game is fun regardless of how you play it, but it isn’t complete without the blaster.

Why Beta?

We value your feedback here at Juuk. We want to make sure that your experience with zBearland is as positive as possible, so the beta allows us to make that happen with your feedback. This is a really exciting opportunity in the AR gaming realm, and we want you to help shape it.

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